Our Robots


2024: Crescendo

Fortissimo has the ability to pick up "Notes" off the ground and place them in both the "Speaker" and the "Amp". It has an arm that is stowed in the position to pick up notes from the ground for most of the match, but can rotate backwards to score into the "amp". For the first time in our team's history we are using a swerve drive on our robot which allows it to maneuver around the field with ease. Finally, the robot has a two stage elevator which latches onto the "stage" chain during the last 20 seconds of the match allowing the robot to lift itself off the ground.

Fortissimo in action:



2023: Charged Up

Marauder (noun): a person who roams in search of things to steal or people to attack.

Marauder has the ability to grab ‘Cones’ and ‘Cubes’ and transfer them quickly and easily to the grid. Its powerful drive train and light weight allow it to move swiftly across the field. The limelight that spins the turret and Marauder’s unique combination of horizontal and vertical elevators quickly and automatically moves to any node. Balancing in the autonomous period is made very reliable with the NavX.

Marauder in Action:



2022: Rapid React

Whiplash was named after its quick movements during the programming and testing phase. Its adjustable two-wheel shooter allows it to accurately shoot into the high and low hubs from a variety of locations on the field. Its closed intake is quick and consistent at picking up ‘cargo’. Whiplash’s two sets of climber hooks allow it to efficiently climb to the Traversal bar at the end of the match.


2020/2021: Infinite Recharge and Infinite Recharge At Home

Juggernaut was named after the tanks in Star Wars™. It was given this name because of its eight-wheel drive train and turret-mounted shooter. Our custom climber uses a spring to offer flexibility while we climb. Our magazine is run by only one motor and is fed ‘Power cells’ by our roller-style intake.


2019: Destination: Deep Space

Hatchcaliber was named for its remarkable ability to grab and hang onto "hatch panels". It had a six-wheel drive train to quickly maneuver itself around the field. It also had a two-stage elevator to raise "hatch panels" as well as "cargo" and place them on the "rocket".


2018: FIRST Power Up

Kylo was named after Kylo Ren’s ship because of the ramps that resemble the wings on the ship. Kylo used the ramps to push up other robots at the end of every match. In addition to these wings, it also had an elevator mechanism that allowed the cube shooting mechanism to move up and down.


2017: FIRST Steamworks

BlueCubed was named for its cuboid shape. It had a six-wheel drive train to transport "gears" and "fuel" across the field to the "airship". The robot had an intake in order to grab "fuel" off of the floor and a shooter to place them in the "boiler". At the begining of the season the robot was use to place "fuel" in the "boiler". Later on, it mostly just transported gears because BlueCubed scored more points this way. BlueCubed was also able to climb up a rope which was lowered at the end of the match in order to score more points.

Concussion Protocol

2016: FIRST Stronghold

Concussion Protocol was named this because it would sometimes black out while on the field. It was designed to conquer apposing alliance's "defenses" as well as to score "boulders" in the low goal of the "castle". After the competition season ended, Concussion Protocol was modified in order to score "boulders" in the high goal of the "Castle".